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The bassoon is an awesome instrument with a unique sound, but there's a lot to learn about playing it.

Many aspects of playing an instrument can't be learned by reading a book or going online. Self-taught players develop bad habits that are difficult to unlearn, and anyone serious about playing well needs to study with a professional.

I enjoy teaching students of all levels: beginners, advanced, college-age, and adults.


Lessons are 30, 45, or 60 minutes, according to a student's age and level. I teach all levels, but young students should wait till their hands are big enough for the instrument.

Beginners start with method books. Students advance to etudes, scales, and solo pieces, all carefully chosen to engage and challenge them.

For more advanced and college-level players, I help with reed making, recital coaching, and audition preparation, either regularly or on an as-needed basis.

Contact me for more information or to arrange an introductory lesson.


I offer coaching for auditions, recitals, and chamber music.

Having served on many audition committees, I know professional standards and what committees are looking for.

Students preparing recitals can benefit from concentrated work leading up to the event. We can discuss programming, program order, stage presence, and nerves.

For chamber-music performances, professional coaching makes a huge difference, and members of a chamber group can share the cost of coaching sessions.

In lessons we focus on my weaknesses, but Chad has always seen the strengths in my playing, and he's been great about cultivating them.Nicholas Lengyel


I supply reeds to beginning students for less than what they cost at a music store. Advanced students should learn to make their own.

Commercial reeds are expensive, and in my experience range from mediocre to unplayable. A reed needs to fit both the player and the characteristics of the specific bassoon.

The best way to accomplish this is to make your own. The time it takes to learn the skill of reed-making is well worth the effort. The reed is a huge factor in how you sound.

Chad demystified reed making, and his infectious passion for performing deepened my own love of music.Molly Nielsen

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